WhatWide Labs.

Developing creative technology for the Web2 & Web3 spaces.

At WhatWide Labs, we’ve been focusing on opportunities in the crypto space, specifically NFTs on the Solana blockchain. We are currently working on a 10,000 PFP collection targeted towards Millennials interested in investing in our initiatives. 

We are currently looking for talented designers, developers, marketers, influencers & moderators for our social platforms, whilst we venture onto the creation of our very own platform. 

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Working in the Web3 space

WhatWide Labs’ mission is to create innovative projects in the NFT/Web3 world. 

As a new rebranded company, we are in the beginning stages of creating projects and finding talent and sponsors for us. We currently have positions open. 

Whatwide social network snapshot - 2017

Community-driven development

We strive to build the foundation of our company purely on our loyal communities engagement. 

Our first project, Millennial Man Social Club, is a 10,000 NFT PFP project focused on garnering feedback on how social media networks need improving and to build a platform for our community. 

For the industry

Reviving old, innovative technology. 

Although services for Whatwide officially concluded in 2018, we still have full access to the network’s content. The development would be focusing on updating the source code, fixing bugs, testing, adding NFT/Web3 compatibilities. Please refer to our whitepaper for more information. Roughly, we can estimate a timeframe of Q1 or Q2 2023 for beta testing among members.

WhatWide Project 01 - NFTs

Millennial Man Social Club

These non-fungible tokens are designed with over 100 top-quality traits. Our goal is to build a community for people amongst the millennial generation whose surface-level interest could be benefited with our collection. This is aimed at a broad range of people though, anyone’s interest in art, digital art, crypto, Web3, DAPPs or anyone who just wants the feeling of being apart of something special.

The Team


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